Traccions Manresa, s.l. was created in 1995 by the Llansó family, with the purpose of filling the existing gap in the transport sector in Manresa and its surroundings, generated when they left the sector in 1989. The Llansó family’s experience in this sector originates in 1944, when the original company was created. This experience, in addition to the fact that some professionals from other transport companies from the surroundings joined them, enables Traccions Manresa, S.L. to deal with the necessary expectations in order to offer an integral logistic service to its clients.

Tracmas area of influence extends all over world, even though its main activity is in the national and European market, through maritime and aerial services, in relation to the different operators, depending on the departure frequency and the means of transport.

The nation’s network is completely covered thanks to our collaboration with Transportes y logística Souto, and to the direct lines to the east coast and the centre zone of Spain with the Eurodist group. In Catalonia, its covered by our own correspondents in the provinces of Lleida, Tarragona and Girona. In the Barcelona province, we distribute using our own means. Our service in the Balearic and Canary Islands is covered thanks to our collaboration with the company Inter Ramoneda.

To carry out our activities, we have a staff of 25, we have our own fleet, with 20 vehicles, and about ten subcontracted vehicles; all kind of vehicles, ranging from trailers to vans, for packet deliveries and reclaims.

Our installation covers 3000m of a total surface of 6100metres and for the incoming and outgoing merchandise and a 100 metres storage area for stocking and picking.

Throughout this year, we are in the process of developing a new computer system, which will enable us to give detailed information about all the deliveries and incidents, as well as the introduction of the bar code in the packet field.

Our most important future projects are aimed a progressive conversion into a logistic operator, as is the case with the sector itself, which not only has to make its way in the transport sector , but must also offer other services.

This year, we plan to implement a quality management system based on the ISO-9001:2000 rules.

We also plan, for this year, long distance departures at noon, in order to deliver to the furthest Spanish regions, like Andalusia, Estremadura and Galicia in 24 hours.